Monday, May 21, 2007

Oil, Gasoline, and Prices, Oh My!

Well, gasoline prices are on the rise again, but I don't hear many people squawking besides me. It's 3.30 around here; actually posted as 3.29 and 9/10, but that fraction never fooled me.

It's just how it always goes, oil companies raise the price incredibly high, let everyone complain and bitch, and then they lower it back down some until people stop complaining, because it is at least better than it was. Then they raise it back up until people start complaining again, but this time the threshold is higher. A couple time of this ratcheting action and they get us used to the new high price and no one bitches anymore, they just accept it. Ah, complacency; after all we have plenty of other things to worry about; it's just easier to accept it, like a prostate exam.

People, doesn't two years of oil companies posting record profits mean anything? They are establishing a new, higher threshold for prices. They aren't building new refineries, they aren't upping production, the price per barrel is lower than it was last year at this time, and yet record profits! *&%$&@!!!

What happened last year when congress tried to get oil companies to give back some of those record profits to the consumer? I remember it in the news for a week or so, and then blip it was gone; no answers; no refund; they just keep squeezing. Hmm, I wonder how many elected officials are invested in oil? Representing us? Hardly.

2006 May-15 to May-19
Mon $69.25
Tue $69.40

2007 May-14 to May-18
Mon $62.55
Tue $63.16


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