Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Don't worship false American Idols

Why is who got dropped off American Idol last night news? It's on my local news, it's on national news, and it's even on friggin' NPR.

I'm for entertainment freedom %100. I like lots of things that I expect most Americans don't, and my answer is usually, "You don't have to watch it." And so I don't watch American Idol, not once, not ever. That used to keep it out of my life, which is how I want it. If other people love it that much, great, I guess, but I couldn't care less if I tried.

But, when it is on THE news, not the entertainment news, I want it to go away. The people who care already watched it, or recorded it last night, so why do I have to hear about it? It is not news.

I know there is real news to report, where is it? NPR I'm so disappointed in you.

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