Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dreaming About Twitter - the Game

I can't believe it finally happened. Last night, I dreamed about using Twitter.
What has happened to me?

And what was even cooler (depending on how you view dreaming about Twitter - good v. bad) was that I was using it in a city-wide game of Marco Polo.

You need two things:
  • a city
  • an mobile device with Internet access plus camera
Scratch that, three things; you need a Twitter account.

Crap. Scratch that, four things; you also need a friend...with a Twitter account.

How to play:
You travel to somewhere in the city and get comfortable - I suggest a Pub, but that may be too easy to find. Maybe pack a lunch and a book. When your friend is ready they tweet you "Marco". You take a pic of something around you (not too obvious like a street sign) and tweet back "Polo" with a tinyurl to the pic.
They try and figure out where you are and tweet back. If they don't get it in three guesses, they have to go to a new place (verified by pic and tweet) and "Marco" again. And you send them a new pic and "Polo".
And so on...

Hey at least it was fun in the dream...

Intellagirl, I blame you.

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