Friday, November 14, 2008

CAPTCHA options

I've been looking at CAPTCHA option for a variety of reasons recently. For example:
What's CAPTCHA, you ask? You're not a webmaster are you? Okay, here's the wikipedia article on CAPTCHA. If you're also wondering what C-A-P-T-C-H-A stands for, it's in the article. BTW, I'll write a post on Alan Turing someday; he was truly a man thinking into the future.

I wasn't really intending to educate you about them. But, basically it's that wavy, blurry word thing that you have to type in to prove you're not a crappy spam bot.

So back to my original point, I've been testing a few of these do-dads and got the follow two words to type. No faking, this is a screen capture:


So what does that look like to you?

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