Tuesday, July 17, 2007

GRE @ 8am...huh?

Well...I’m going to be taking the GRE this Saturday at 8am. That is too early for cognizant thought; it is impalpable to me. Furthermore, the test starts with a 45min essay.
We are given two topics to choose one from and have to discuss the issue with points and counterpoints within the allotted time. Following that crack-o-dawn brain twister and without a break, we are given an argument (different topic) and have 30mins to examine the quality of the argument and dissect it.
Wham bam.
Right off the bat we have to write for an hour and 15min. That’s cruel.
I can’t spell my name or even tie my shoes correctly on the first attempt at 8am; now I’m expected to compose erudite essays on surprise topics—unfair.

On the official GRE web site (by ETS the only people qualified to judge our worthiness for grad school) it states that the sequence of the test parts does not change.
I’d prefer to take some antonyms and sentence completion first to get some words in my head.

I wish to be intransigent, but I have no recourse; I must be labile and remain taciturn. The person that devised this order of examination is anathema to me. I wish to traduce them; however to that person, I’m sure I’m ingenuous.

I’ve been studying vocabulary, as you could postulate. A great and *free* study site for the GRE is http://www.number2.com/ and thanks to http://www.dictionary.com/ too.

Good luck to all you other flaming hoop GRE jumpers…
and learn some new words you punks!

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